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Great Wall Motor builds a real people's pickup

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-03-16 17:34:36

Over the past two years, Great Wall pickup trucks have flourished in the domestic market and won the top spot in domestic pickup truck sales. At the same time, it has become synonymous with "People's pickup trucks". Let's take a look at how the Great Wall pickup has become a "hot item".

With the continuous relaxation of domestic pickup truck policies, more and more consumers choose pickup trucks as their first choice. As the number one in the domestic sales ranking, Great Wall Pickup continues to use innovation to cater to the needs of consumers and become their first choice. On March 12, the Great Wall Pao global version was officially launched. During this period, China Netcom had in-depth communication with leaders such as Zhang Haobao, Marketing General Manager of Great Wall Motor Pickup Brand Company, and Cheng Hui, Great Wall Pao Marketing Director.

During the communication, discussions were conducted on the domestic pickup truck market and Great Wall Pao’s marketing initiatives, future innovative gameplay, and new car planning.

How does Great Wall Pickup maintain its advantages in the Red Sea market?

Zhang Haobao, General Manager of Marketing, Great Wall Motor Pickup Brand Company

Great Wall Pickup, based on the foundation of Great Wall Motor’s annual sales of one million passenger vehicles, including supply platforms, global production and R&D networks, more than 2,000 domestic sales outlets, and more than 500 overseas outlets, has created a model that meets the needs of users. Passengerized pickup trucks are used to realize the passengerization of products, services, and globalization of the brand concept.

Moving Great Wall Pickup continuously upgrades around product optimization and brand culture

In addition, in terms of products, Great Wall pickups are constantly improving, upgrading and optimizing every day. Therefore, we will continue to launch commercial, passenger, off-road and other subdivision models to meet the needs of more diverse scenarios. In terms of brand culture, the user ecosystem created by the offline + online model will maximize user operations to build its own core competitiveness.

Innovative gameplay in the future will further strengthen user stickiness

We connect with users from different industries on the App, and provide customized services for their needs, not only to help them expand their business needs, but also to provide convenient services for users' future quality of life. Let users feel that the Great Wall pickup is not only a tool car, but a model created by deeply connecting life to create a larger scene for them.

As China's first global pickup truck brand, Great Wall Pao is developed to meet the needs of users, and at the same time it is in line with the world and competes with mainstream brands such as Toyota and Ford. Regardless of the level of technology, intelligence, or connectivity, they are constantly surpassing the models launched by mainstream global pickup truck brands.

Cheng Hui, Marketing Director of Great Wall Pao

After being listed overseas in December last year, Great Wall Pao has truly entered the era of globalization and won the Pickup Truck of the Year awards in many countries. So far, Great Wall Pao not only meets the needs of the Chinese people, but also caters to the consumer needs of other parts of the world. In the future, we will further accelerate the pace of globalization and make pickup trucks truly popular.

Cross-border cooperation to promote pickup culture

In addition, we will continue to carry out cross-border brand cooperation to create an ecosystem for users, which will be seen in our App in the future, and will bring users super-value services and convenience, so that users can truly feel the Great Wall pickup The charm of culture.

Zhang Junliang, Project Director of Great Wall Pao

In addition, during the Shanghai Auto Show in April, we will launch a full-size large pickup truck. It will be built on the Great Wall Motors tank platform, and it has greatly improved in terms of space, reliability, durability, and intelligence.

Wang Lei, Product Director of Great Wall Pao

In addition to the full-size pickup at the Shanghai Auto Show, we will also launch a single-row pickup. This model caters to the needs that users have reported to us, and it will also be unveiled during the Shanghai Auto Show in April.

China’s automobile industry has ushered in the opportunity of intelligence and connectivity to subvert the global automobile market. During this opportunity, not only Great Wall’s pickups, but also future passenger vehicles, including NEV, will fully enter the global market, and quickly establish a global brand globally.

Summary: The speed of domestic pickup truck occupancy has changed consumers' perception of pickup trucks. At the same time, the rejuvenation of the Great Wall pickup truck brand is obvious to all. The Great Wall Pickup not only has excellent products, but also uses pickup culture and cross-border marketing to establish connections with users to facilitate in-depth customized services for users in the future.

Editor:Zhao Chun