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BYD expands its overseas NEV market

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-03-18 17:43:19

As one of the first auto companies to develop the new energy industry, BYD has a very complete new energy industry chain and formed a closed-loop industrial ecology. Now he is enjoying the benefits of the new energy era.

China's automobile industry started relatively late, and there is still a way to catch up compared with Germany, Japan and other major auto industry countries in terms of technology and talent reserves. Until the advent of NEV, carmakers all over the world seem to be back on the same starting line, which is why China strongly supports the development of new energy vehicles.

As one of the first auto companies to develop the new energy industry, BYD has a very complete new energy industry chain and formed a closed-loop industrial ecology. Now he is enjoying the benefits of the new energy era. Not long ago, foreign media reported that pure electric vehicles produced by BYD will soon be sold to Australia and New Zealand.

Risk sharing, fierce competition in the Chinese market

According to the insideevs website, BYD recently announced that it has reached a long-term agreement with Nexport to develop and sell next-generation products in Australia and New Zealand. On the basis of cooperation, BYD and Nexport Pty of Australia will invest in technology and capital in the research and development of next-generation electric vehicles, and combine the advantages of both parties to provide customers with more ideal products.

In order to further realize its globalization strategy, BYD expects to launch 4 electric vehicles of Han, Tang, Song and Qin to the Australian market in July this year. It is worth noting that the electric vehicle market in Australia accounts for less than 1% of new car sales. It can be seen that users have low acceptance of electric vehicles, but why does BYD insist on choosing to sell in Australia?

This may be related to the two consecutive years of decline in the domestic sales of BYD NEV. Although BYD ranks as the sales champion of NEV in my country, its market share is gradually shrinking due to the continuous entry of emerging automakers such as Tesla, NIO, Li Auto and traditional car companies.

In fact, the expansion of exports at this time is also conducive to a firm foothold in the global market. It is understood that BYD's new energy vehicles have been sold in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries.

In recent years, countries around the world have reached a consensus to reduce environmental pollution caused by carbon emissions, especially the accelerated rise of the European new energy vehicle market, which also ushered in unprecedented development opportunities for BYD’s export of new energy vehicles.

Excellent technology to compete with overseas brands

For a long time, Chinese auto brands have been labeled as "cottage" and "cheap". Most of the exported cars are low-end models, and being responsible for the volume does not enhance the brand image. The technologically controlled BYD allows the outside world to see that Chinese-made cars can also compete with foreign century-old car companies.

It is understood that BYD Han has been "sold" to Europe, the United States, and other automotive powerhouses. In overseas markets, BYD Han's EV is priced at 45,000-55,000 euros, and its price has surpassed the BMW 3 Series and is close to Model 3.

The domestic price of this car is only 229,800 to 279,500 yuan. In the face of many veteran car companies in Europe, BYD did not choose to lower the price and sell it in the opposite direction, making the outside world confused.

"Backed by powerful technology, BYD has the capital to raise prices and compete with luxury brands." Some insiders believe: "BYD holds the core battery, motor and electronic control technology of electric vehicles. Especially the most core battery technology. The blade battery developed by BYD is another innovation in lithium iron phosphate technology. Its volumetric energy density is the same as that of mainstream ternary lithium batteries. It also has the advantages of high safety, long life and long cruising range."

One of the highlights of BYD is that the Han EV has a cruising range of 605 kilometers under comprehensive working conditions, and it only takes 3.9 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h. But most importantly, the car is also equipped with BYD's newly developed blade battery.

The appearance of Han represents the high quality of my country's own brand C-class sedan. Although the price in foreign markets seems to be high, it is fully capable of breaking through to the high-end market with the blessing of technology.

Of course, BYD has the courage to formulate a high-price strategy, which is also inseparable from the recognition of the electric buses produced in Europe by the locals. The excellent quality has left a deep impression on BYD for foreign consumers.

Rich experience in overseas allows BYD to take the lead

At present, BYD's new energy buses have been exported to more than 200 cities in about 50 countries and regions around the world. Especially in European territories, BYD's electric buses stand out and lead other brands. You must know that European cars have always been the birthplace of top and high-end technologies in the commercial vehicle industry and can be recognized by the locals. BYD has made a lot of efforts to this end.

In 2012, BYD established a branch in the United Kingdom. At present, in addition to having its own office in London, it also has offices in many other cities in the United Kingdom. According to reports, BYD's pure electric buses in the UK will far exceed 100, setting the European record for pure electric bus fleets.

Not only that, since entering the European market, BYD has also achieved outstanding market results in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium and other places. Among them, the Netherlands, as the location of BYD's European headquarters, has a particularly outstanding market performance. In 2013, Sismonnik Island in the Netherlands replaced all the buses on the island with BYD's 12-meter pure electric buses.

Not only has the European market achieved excellent results, BYD has also long established a layout for the North American market. It is understood that BYD's pure electric buses have spread in more than 30 states including California and Tennessee, becoming a brand with an absolute dominant position in the US electric bus market.

Summary: technology-based is the core concept of BYD on the road. It is based on this that BYD’s new energy buses have won the favor of customers all over the world, and have become a leading enterprise in the electric bus industry, so that Chinese manufacturing is no longer labeled as "crude product". The ever-increasing reputation has also made BYD's export of electric vehicles more easily accepted by local consumers.

The era of electrification has come, and decades of experience and technology have accumulated BYD's brand advantages. Not surprisingly, BYD is likely to become the Huawei of the automotive industry and a beautiful business card made in China.

Editor:Mao Kaiyue