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Only for your safety, Geely Bin Rui Smart Driving Test

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-08-31 14:09:14

The A-class car has always been the main force in the sedan market, especially the mid- to high-end A-class car. Geely has already had the Vision, the Emgrand and the Emgrand GL in the A-class car market. Now Geely launches the Bin Rui as one more member of their A-class car market. The new car is based on Geely's latest BMA platform, featuring sports and young.

At the same time, Geely deployed the smart driving to the A-class car market for the first time, making the Bin Rui equip the L2-class autonomous driving and leading the same level. It is worth mentioning that the Bin Rui is also the first car based on the BMA platform.

Note: Since the test was conducted in the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Shanghai) Pilot Zone and photographs are prohibited in the zone, so the test pictures are official ones.

When communicating with the project manager of the Bin Rui, he said: Our autonomous driving is to actually reduce the user's driving burden, so our design is based on the domestic traffic situation. Let's take a look at what Bin Rui has.

When jay walking happened, AEB-P is necessary to avoid traffic accidents.

Equipped with millimeter wave radar and high-definition camera, the Bin Rui can scan the road conditions, can recognize pedestrians and vehicles beyond 80cm, and can lock 4 targets for analysis.

When the system detects that there are pedestrians or vehicles in front of the car, it will issue a collision warning. If the driver does not take any measures, the system will automatically brake.

In the test site, the Bin Rui sailed to the walking dummy at a speed of 40 km/h. In the absence of any operation by the driver, the AEB-P system can sense the risk of collision 2 seconds in advance and make a stop response within 300 milliseconds, stably stopping in the safe area.

Speaking of autonomous driving, ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and lane departure assistance system are essential features. Geely merged the two into one function, named ICC (Intelligent Cruise Control).

ICC can achieve 0-150km/h full-speed cruise, ensuring that it can be used on highways or urban congested road sections.

On a road without a lane, the vehicle will be cruise according to the trajectory of the preceding vehicle and the trajectory of the two sides. This is very practical because there are many small cities in China where lanes are fading.

Geely Bin Rui is the first self-developed A-class car with an L2-class autonomous driving. Although the cost is limited, the system is very practical. Geely is still very careful in the design of the program. For example, when lanes departure happened in the automatic cruise, the system will automatically correct the direction very lightly. The official data is 3 Nm, and it’s easy for drivers to control. Geely also mentioned that this is a deliberate design because they believe that driving should be based on the driver's will.

Geely Bin Rui mainly features sports, and now there are two sets of powertrains. One set is a 1.0TD engine that matches the Getrag 6DCT, and the other is a 1.4T matched CVT. Why Geely choose these kinds of combination?

Self-developed 1.0TD+6DCT

On the Bin Rui, the combination of 1.0TD engine and the Getrag 6DCT can generate a maximum power of 100kWh and a maximum torque of 205Nm. The thermal efficiency can reach 38%.

Engineers answered the question mentioned above. They said that 1.0T engine is newly developed, and its performance is better than the old generation. From the point of view of the power, the maximum power of 1.0T is 100 kW, and 1.4T is 98 kW. The difference of 2kW in power has a difference of 40% in engine swept volume.

The car is very smooth at full acceleration, and the acceleration in the first gear range is also great. The torque of 205 Nm is enough to use. And gearbox shifts are also smooth.

When encountering emergency, the performance of brake is great, and the reaction is very fast. The feel of the steering is very stable, and the direction of the car is very accurate.

In slalom test, the Bin Rui did a good job in avoiding too much leaning. The rebound of the suspension is timely, the steering is easy, and the car is easy to control.

It also adopts the same combination of the same level model of MacPherson strut suspension in the front and the torsion beam suspension in the rear. Although it is not a four-wheel drive vehicle, its adjustment is good.

The Bin Rui also guarantees comfort at high speeds through the speed bumps, with no extra bounce.

In general, the 1.0T Bin Rui is a good sports sedan.

Exterior & Interior Design

In addition to its good power, the appearance of Bin Rui is even more eye-catching. Although it adopts the same family design with Emgrand GL, there are still differences in details.

The Bin Rui adopts the latest family-style corrugated shape grille and has sizeable air duct in the front creates a strong sense of sports.

Compared with the Emgrand GL, the Bin Rui has a more 3D design on the waistline on the side of the car.

The rear design also very sporty. The tail plate and taillights are also integrated, providing an overall feeling.

The interior design is basically the same as that of the Emgrand GL. The biggest difference lies in the large screen in the center console. This screen uses the popular narrow border, which is very beautiful.

This 10.25-inch touch screen features 720P HD resolution, and is smoothly operated. Geely also offers a 4G network with unlimited traffic for 5 years. Passengers can use the internet on the screen instead of using phones.

In addition, the car also equips tea perfume. However, the way it permeated is different from that of Mercedes-Benz. The Bin Rui uses a method of material-permeable allowing the fragrance mainly distributed by the seat.

Summary: As another player in Geely's A-class car market, the Bin Rui boasts many highlights. The biggest advantage is that it boasts a L2-class autonomous driving system that no other competitor has. By testing, we found that the automatic driving system is easy to use and can effectively reduce the burden on the driver. The design of the whole vehicle features a sporty, youthful feeling from the inside out. Its intentions are reflected in the details, such as the lane departure assistance, the workmanship of the interior, the delicateness of the center console, and the driving experience. As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail. The Bin Rui will be officially introduced to the market at the end of August, and we are looking forward to its good results.

Editor:Wang Yajie