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FAW Bestune, keeps steady and far-reaching on "Road of light and shadow"

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The FAW Bestune, since its birth in 2006, has assumed the historical mission of effectively complementing FAW Hongqi. As the representative of China's first automobile manufacturer's independent brand, its development process is the only way for every mainstream auto company to grow and develop since the 21st century. After 14 years, from inheriting and following, to positive research and development, to the current unique and trend-setting, Pentium has taken quite solid steps in every step, and has achieved remarkable results in each stage.

The first generation Bestune B70

On August 18, 2006, as the first product of the Besturn brand, the B70 used the first-generation Mazda 6 solid chassis and excellent handling essence. At the same time, what made consumers remember that it was the mid-level domestic independent brand at that time. The distinct positioning of the car not only broke the monopoly of domestic mid-level cars by imported and joint venture products at the time, but also as a product leading the new market segment in the "post-business era", allowing cars as consumer goods to enter the common people’s homes and provide a brand new choice.

When the first-generation Besturn B70 was launched, the products covered two power systems, 2.0L and 2.3L, and the model price range was 151,800 to 208,800 yuan. With a body length of 4.7 meters and a wheelbase of 2,675 mm, if the first-generation B70 is measured by current standards, it can be regarded as a compact family sedan at best. And based on the per capita GDP of 24,077.39 yuan in 2006, this price is really not affordable for every family.

The unpretentious exterior design shows the calm and confident family DNA. Since then, the B50 and B90 hot-selling models have all followed their brand design styles, making the characteristics of the family products complement each other and the characteristics throughout.

The second generation Bestune B70

In 2014, the second-generation Bestune B70 met with consumers. The entire series of models are adjusted to 1.8T and 2.0L powertrains, with a price range of 99,800 to 149,800 yuan. Compared with the first-generation products, the new car is not only more affordable, the design style is also more contemporary, and the vehicle is younger. In addition, at the same time as the second-generation B70 was released, Bestune also provided three sports models with a black honeycomb grille with a red RS logo, a rear spoiler and specially designed wheel shapes. This also allows sports and youth to play to the extreme.

The second-generation Bestune B70 is built on the Mazda 6 platform. Whether it is a lightweight structure, active and passive safety configuration, and humanized function configuration, it has reached a new level. At the same time, the body size has also been significantly increased compared to the first-generation B70, and the wheelbase has been increased to 2,725 mm, which is in line with the standards of mainstream mid-class cars at that time. The second-generation Bestune B70 changed its role from a "partial business car" to a "high-end family car".

The turning point

On October 17, 2018, the new Bestune brand was released, marking the overall renewal of the positioning and structure of the Bestune brand. First, the new Bestune brand is positioned as an "innovator of the Internet of Things car", achieving a brand renewal at the brand strategy level. Secondly, a large amount of investment in the Internet of Things began to stock Internet of Things automotive technology products. In addition, accelerating product changes and the transformation of marketing methods have greatly increased the position of the Bestune brand in the hearts of consumers, especially young consumers. The adjustment from the former "product manager thinking" to the "user-centered" business philosophy breaks through the bottleneck that has plagued the development of the Bestune brand in the past.

"New "s of the new Bestune brand

1. New brand name and LOGO; the brand LOGO of "Window of the World" and the English logo of BESTUNE are refreshing for consumers. The first is the implication, the window of the world, let the world see you, let you better face the broader consumer market, this is the beautiful expectation of Bestune's new brand. In addition, Bestune adopts the more recognizable English brand in the world as the brand logo on the rear of the vehicle, making it infinitely close to the mainstream and in line with the habits of contemporary young consumers.

2. New design: Judging from the official information of the new Bestune brand in 2018, the current sexy surface of the brand not only gives designers more room to play, but also gives consumers more diversified product choices.

3. New vehicle platforms: FMA (for fuel vehicles), FME (for electric vehicles). FMA calls it the "FMA Infinite Equation" fuel vehicle technology architecture. At the level of product expansion, it conforms to the current mainstream brand car manufacturing methods. The product plan covers all A0, A, and B models. The wheelbase is highly malleable. Vehicles with a wheelbase from 2,630mm to 2,900mm will be developed and produced on this platform.

What is the significance of Bestune B70?

At the beginning of the establishment of the Bestune brand, the release of the B70 was not publicized in front of the world under the name of the model, but under the name "FAW Bestune" as the product promotion name. After that, the promotion of "Bestune" continued for two years, until April 2008. The model name of Bestune B70 was established and released. This shows the important position and significance of the Bestune B70 model in the entire Bestune series. It is no exaggeration to regard the B70 model as the totem symbol of the Bestune brand.

Fourteen years ago, Bestune B70 was the first product of the Bestune brand to meet the world, letting everyone remember this car as well as the Bestune brand. Now, on August 5, 2020, the official image of the third-generation B70 with a new design was officially announced to the public. At the same time, it is also Bestune's first product on its own FMA platform.

The days that once needed to rely on the FAW Group, especially the technology of joint venture brands, as a research and development blueprint, will be sealed in historical memory. After five years of painstaking research, the brand-new "FMA Infinite Equation" technical framework created by the Bestune brand will provide strong support and guarantee for future product development and production.

The vehicle body built based on the "FMA Infinite Equation" technical architecture not only meets the highest safety standards and has independent intellectual property rights, but also integrates 18 safety equipment and 23 active safety technologies to minimize accidents and protect passengers.

In terms of intelligent network connection, thanks to FAW Bestune's FEEA2.0 electronic and electrical architecture system, the new smart cockpit created by the "FMA Infinite Equation" architecture has the characteristics of strong scalability, rich application ecology, and OTA iteration upgrades.

In terms of driving experience, the third-generation engine is equipped with a thermal efficiency of 39.06%, which is currently the most efficient internal combustion engine in its own brand. At the same time, the platform has greatly improved the vehicle's NVH level by improving the airtightness of the vehicle body, reducing road noise and wind noise, and further creating a quiet and comfortable vehicle interior space for consumers.

Bestune has a bright future

With the transformation and innovation of the brand's core technology, the increasingly mature consumer market and environment, at the same time, the younger leadership team has injected essential vitality into the Bestune brand. From the original "administrative appointment" to the current "market-based selection and appointment" selection mechanism, it breaks the previous state-owned enterprise's employment method of seniority, and combines market-based selection, contract management, differentiated compensation and other methods to accelerate progress The professional manager system of FAW Group including Bestune brand.

A viable brand not only needs to grow in an ideal environment, but also needs the ability to struggle in adversity. In the face of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the deceleration of global economic development and the superposition of many uncertain factors in the external environment, it is extremely important to firmly grasp the core technological competitiveness. The new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles mutually promoting each other is not only a new development model in my country, but also puts forward new issues and new requirements for Chinese independent auto brands represented by Bestune.

I believe that through years of accumulated experience of the Bestune brand, combined with the development of new architecture, new technologies and new products in a new environment, FAW Bestune will continue to be stable and long-term.

Editor:Huo Hongwei