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More than PLUS - the real shot of Changan CS35 PLUS

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-09-11 18:27:06

The SUV market is a battleground for all the Chinese manufacturers and the taste of the consumers has changed continuously with time. CHANGAN, who has joined the market for a long time, has already launched various models of different classes, including the CS35, CS55, CS75 and CS95, etc. The CS35 PLUS, the update version of the CS35,  made its debut recently. Compared with the old model, the CS35 PLUS is more than a so-called PLUS version.

From the naming, you might consider it as the XL size of CS35. As a matter of fact, the CS35 PLUS is the update version. In all the aspects, there has been a great change. On the official website of CHANGAN, we could find that the name of the old CS35 has been replaced with Classic CS35. Accordingly, the two versions may be on sale at the same time.  

Has a distinct family look

Despite of the name, the CS35 PLUS is a total replacement version on design. Different from the old model, the CS35 PLUS has a distinct and strong CHANGAN SUV family look, like the CS55, CS75 and CS95. However, the CS35 PLUS also adopts lots of trendy elements and looks younger and more fashionable.

The shape of the headlights set is matched with the edge of the grill, maintaining an integrated look. There are two lenses in the lamp cavity. The light source has not been announced yet, but according to the trend, it’s possible that the high-end version could be equipped with LED.

You could find that the CS35 PLUS is equipped with the front camera and MMW radar from the front. It’s also expected to adopt the panoramic imaging system, ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and some mainstream configurations.

The 18-inch rim has a very dynamic look and is pretty layered. The CS35 PLUS is equipped with Giti 225/45 R18 tyres.

The tail gives a strong and tight visual effect. The position of the taillights is relatively higher, which makes the CS35 PLUS look taller.

The taillights adopt the all-through trendy design with a red light strip. It’s no doubt that it will be very eye-catching after lighting up in the evening.

The hidden pipe

There is no actual pipe design in the tail, nor the decorative design just for the visual effect. The real pipe is hidden in the bottom of the car.

The CS35 PLUS also equips a panoramic sunroof, which is very popular with the consumers at present.

It is obvious that the CS35 PLUS aims at the young consumers and adopts many elements which are popular among the consumers, like all-through front grille, blade-shaped rim and all-through taillights. Although it uses a lot of trendy elements, the overall design maintains the consistency and high originality.

For the interior design, the CS35 PLUS doesn’t adopt the trendy super-size display screen to attract the consumers. Each function has its own part and the distribution follows the design code. Every selection of material and every look has been decided thoughtfully and in the actual use, it’s very convenient and practical.

Under the center control panel, there are five functional buttons, which are for the common first-level functions. Other configurations like Back to the Menu, Panorama Image and Music, adopt the touch operation.

The steering wheel has a fairly moderate size and is well wrapped by leather. The buttons on the wheel are for some common functions like the Voice Control and the Volume Control. The buttons on the left side are for ACC.

The configuration cannot be left behind either. From the real model at the motor show, we could find the configurations of the electric driver seat, downhill assist, electronic parking, ACC, electric rearview mirror, automatic headlights, automatic a/c and panoramic sunroof are all popular nowadays.

The center console on the front row equips one USB port and 12V power port, which can meet the consumers’ demand generally. If there is one more USB port in the front row, it would be so much better actually.

The inside of the trunk is fairly regular and has a great space utilization, which matches the mainstream level of this class.

In terms of the power, CS35 PLUS is expected to keep using the power configuration of the old model: 1.6L NA engine with a maximum power of 92kW and a peak torque of 160Nm, 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 115kW and a peak torque of 215Nm. The transmission system is equipped with 5-speed manual transmission or Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission.

SUMMARY: Compared to the classic CS35, the innovation of the CS35 PLUS is totally worth the price. At the same time, the SUV models of Changan have all adopted a mature design system. This does not only mean the connection between products has become closer, but also represent a more rational product distribution. According to the Changan official, the CS85 will be released next year. And then its SUV line will be more statured and more competitive in the market.

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