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GAC Trumpchi GE3 530 joined 400km club

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-09-12 17:51:20

There are a lot of self-developed NEV models with great performance and long cruising range, but the appearance is always unsatisfactory. In order to show new energy characteristics, some automakers adopt blue and green large decorative panels abruptly. In order to highlight the sense of science and technology, some deliberately designed an uncoordinated shape. Before the advent of GAC Trumpchi GE3, there was really no pleasing product.

Last year, we had an in-depth evaluation of the GE3. It has the advantages of fast charging, strong function and comfortable driving. However, the old model of the GE3 also has a very obvious weakness, that is, cruising range on a single charge is not decent, only 310km theoretically. In the winter test, after driving 156km, remaining 70km of recharging range, a reminder of recharging displayed. The GE3 530 NEDC Comprehensive operating conditions up to 410km and 60km/h the longest range of 530km. You don’t have to worry about during long-distance driving.

Hightlights of the ES3 530

60km/h the longest range of 530km,

NEDC Comprehensive operating conditions of 410km,

8-hour normal charging from 0-100%,

0.5-hour quick charging from 20% to 80%,

156km/h highest speed.

Q: What is 530 stands for in GE3 530?

A: It refers to the longest range of this car at 60km/h. The reason why this car doesn't take an integer in the name like other models is because the integer gives a feeling of uncertainty.

Q: Compared with the old generation, what kinds of improvements does it made?

A: The first is the cruising rang. In addition to the longest range of at 60km/h exceeded 500km, the cruising range under NEDC Comprehensive operating conditions has also increased from 310km to 410km. Moreover, the AI intelligent system cooperated with Tencent is also a major upgrade.

Q: What are highlights of this system?

A: The system is the one that works with Tencent. It boasts a large amount of licensed songs. In addition, it is also very convenient for social travel by connecting with WeChat (similar with the WhatsApp). At the same time, onekey finding charging piles, dual-navigation system, intelligent voice call are all practical functions.

In the 300-kilometer journey of this test, you don't need to pay too much attention to your driving style. Even if with the full acceleration, its largest cruising range will not make you feel anxious. The battery capacity of the GE3 530 has been increased from 47 kWh to 54.75 kWh, and the power-to-weight ratio has increased to 160Wh/kg, realizing a longer cruising range without adding more weight of it. The permanent magnet synchronous motor can generate a maximum output of 132 kW and a peak torque of 290 Nm.

When driving the car, the issue of powertrain matching doesn’t impede a smooth driving both in power output and acceleration sensitivity.

When the car is first started, it will not generate a sudden acceleration feeling. It is easy to master even if the drive is an EV-new-hand.

In the process of continuous acceleration, you can feel a strong sense of acceleration, and there is no extra noise, vibration, and stuck in shifting as well. The entire acceleration process is more comfortable than that of fuel cars.

Moreover, the acceleration of GE3 530 is also not sluggish. Even at the speed of 120km/h, it can still be accelerated, while the speed of 110km/h for the old-generation EVs maybe a limit.

Energy recovery is also moderate. The deceleration after releasing the accelerator panel is not obvious, and the vehicle does not suddenly decelerate, leaving the rear vehicle unprepared.

However, the GE3 530 is not perfect. Sitting at the rear seats, an obvious, you can clearly feel the bounce when driving on the undulating roads, mainly because the car adopts a torsion beam rigid rear axle suspension.

The steering wheel feels heavy when adjusting the direction at a small angle, but it is very light when turning around, and the return of the steering wheel to the center position is also very fast.

One more thing need to be mentioned is that the GE3 530 boasts a high charging efficiency. When remaining 20%, it can be charged to almost 50% within 15 minutes, which means the remaining cruising range increased from 80km to 223km. That is enough for arriving at the destination.

Upgrading of functions is another improvement of the GE3 530. Functions in the AI system, including QQ music, social media, onekey finding charging piles, real-time navigation and intelligent voice call, can basically substitute mobile phones.

The interior retains the design style of the old-generation with many soft line design, providing a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The display screen is in a rounded-rectangle-shape with the outer periphery is wrapped in leather material, which is very soft and delicate.

Apart from a sea of licensed songs, another excellent function of the system is the social travel. Drivers can initiate an assembling request of a motorcade on the screen. By binding a Wechat mini program on the car, each member can see the real-time position of motorcade displayed on the screen, and it is convenient for the lead car to guide the motorcade.

The air conditioner buttons of the GE3 530 are large and user-friendly.

The location of the wireless charging is also very reasonable, integrating the two functions of storage space and mobile phone charging. You only need to put your phone in one hand and you can charge with it.

The LCD dashboard can display the remaining power, car orientation, basic vehicle information, etc., and the steering wheel is also the regular three-spoke steering wheel.

The display screen is also available on old-generation models to show cruising range, date and weather information. In the voice control mode, a sound wave image appears on the screen.

Interior space

There is no obvious difference between the new car and the old one in space.

Front row space

The passenger is 182cm (about 5’7 ft) height. After adjusting the front seat to the lowest position, the room between his head and the roof is a fist wide.

Rear space

While sitting in the rear seats and keeping the front seats in its position, the space between his head and roof is a fist wide, and the space between leg and front seats is three fingers wide.

In terms of exterior design, GAC Trumpchi GE3 530 maintains the current design. The iconic triangular design is ubiquitous all over the body. And the closed front end and trendy wheel rims also brings a strong sense of technology.

Since EV does not require air intake, the GE3 530, like most of the EVs, adopts a closed front end, but the lower grille is designed to be honeycomb-shaped, enriching the details. And triangular fog lights are also placed in this area.

The front lights are also triangular in shape,which presents a strong sense of technology. The light source uses a full LED light, making the vehicle's "eyes" brighter.

The concave and convex design on the surface of the painted panel placed at the position of the grille creates a three-dimensional visual effect.

With a similar design of the BMW i3, GE3 530 also has a compact body side design, but the space is considerable.

The wheels adopt chrome-plated rims, and the wide and thin design looks like a circuit board. The tires are Michelin 215/55 R18.

Although the design of the tail is not as delicate as that of the front end, the proportion is quite harmonious, and the triangular design elements are used to reflect the characteristics of the electric vehicle.

The taillights are designed in a figure of “8” with the light source of made of optical fiber. But brake light, turn signal lights and reversing lights are just ordinary halogen lamps.

The rear bumper is wrapped in a large black panel. Red eye-catching decorations on both sides coherent to the front fog lights.

Summary: The upgraded cruising range and the improved AI system have enhanced the hardware and software of the GE3 530 respectively. The old-generation GE3 brought regret to such a beautiful car because of the cruising range problem. Fortunately, the upgrade of this new car complements this short board.

Editor:Ren Hongbin