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FAW-VW released SUV-TAYRON and more derivative models in the future

From:网通社 2018-09-21 17:14:15

After the launch of the first SUV T-Roc, FAW VOLKSWAGEN's second SUV – TAYRON was officially released on September 19. About this new model, Dong Xiuhui, deputy general manager of FAW-VOLKSWAGEN Business Department and general manager of FAW-VOLKSWAGEN Sales Co. Ltd., told IIA, “In the future, FAW-VM will build a comprehensive product matrix of high-end mid-size SUV, taking TAYRON as a core, and continue to launch multiple derivative models such as TAYRON R-Line, PHEV SUV and COUPE SUV, etc.  


The overall look of the front end is fairly dynamic and modern, featuring a quite exquisite grille. The high beam headlights adopt the LED light resource and the low beam ones use the halogen light source. Redesigned all-through bumper has a very sporty vibe and fog lights on the both sides adopt the dimensional embedded design.

The sharp waistline of TAYRON extends to the rear and the front passenger door has a silver logo. The upper edge of TAYRON R-Line’s side window is decorated with chrome trims, contributing to a streamlined roof. In addition, the new model is equipped with the large-size double 5-spoke rims, featuring a strong sporty vibe.

The tail of TAYRON R-Line has more obvious change with the all-new round taillights and the new internal layout structure. The bumper is very angular and each side has an embedded pipe. In terms of the power, this SUV will be equipped with a 2.0T turbo-charged engine. For the transmission system, the dual-clutch gearbox will be equipped. 


Seeing from the imaginary picture drawn by the overseas media, TAYRON COUPE SUV is expected to adopt a transverse grille and C-shaped DRLs. Headlights on both sides use LED as the light resource, providing a quite good visual effect after it being lightened. The bumper doesn’t take the all-through design, but has the same style just like the grille. And the silver trim makes it more delicate.

The tail of the new vehicle has a sporty appearance and is well layered. The taillights adopt the irregular design, providing a 3D effect. The black bumper is decorated with a silver chrome trim, making it more delicate. The curvy silver trim matches with the front end and the two pipes are placed on the one side.


In addition, TAYRON will launch PHEV SUV models. It is expected that the overall appearance and the interior design will not differ much from the regular version. However, in order to show its unique identity, there will be some elements of new energy vehicles. In terms of the power, for reference, Tiguan L PHEV is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.4T engine with the maximum net power of 110kW and an electric motor with rated power of 55kW and the peak power of 85kW. 

Editor:Wang Lei