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The Sales of BAIC BJEV ranked the top, up 67% over the same period

From:网通社 2018-09-24 07:00:01

 On September 21, IIA learned from BAIC BJEV that from January to August 2018, BAIC BJEV cumulatively sold 70,188 units in the Chinese market, up 67% over the same period of last year, and ranked the top during the same period in the sales of PEV again. In addition, its performance in the market segment is also very outstanding: The sales of EC series in the first 8 months reached 43,434 units and the sales of EX360 till August reached 15,226 units. Both of them won the sales championship of the single model in the market segment over the same period.

The sales of EC collection have grown strongly and won the sales champion of A00 class EV twice in a row.

After the product upgrade, in August, the EC series returned, showing its remarkable performance with the sales of 3,028 units.

It’s worth mentioning that, in August, the new upgraded model of the EC series EC3 was officially launched at the Chengdu Auto Show. Based on the original EC series, EC3 realized 3 texture upgrades, 4 performance upgrades and 5 experience upgrades, contributing to a new national standard of pure electric.

EX360 ranked the top in the market of A0 class pure electric SUV.

At the same time, 15,226 units of EX360 have been delivered till August and it ranked the top in the market of A0 class pure electric SUV from January to August again. As an upgraded product of BAIC BJEV, EX360 has gained more than 20,000 orders since its launch. Thanks to the long cruising range, the tough appearance, the ample configuration and the affordable price, EX360 has become another phenomenal model in the Chinese market after the EC series.

For now, EU5 has gained more than 16,000 orders in total.

The EU series led by EU5 also made a great contribution to the championship of BAIC BJEV in the China PEV market with a sales of nearly 3000 units. For now, EU5 has gained more than 16,000 orders, which were signed at various venues, showing its broad market appeal. 

Editor:Nan Liu