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New brand established, Great Wall Pick-Up aiming 200k units

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-09-30 17:51:45

With the gradual liberalization of the pick-ups being driven in urban area, the pick-up market has also become the target of various car companies. Great Wall Motor (GWM) has been working in the pick-up market for many years and has formed a complete product line-up system. IIA has learned from GWM that Great Wall Pick-Up has officially become the fourth independent brand of GWM, and issued several brand strategies such as “5+N”, aiming to sell 200,000 units by 2020.

22 years of history, laying the foundation for high-end pick-ups

On March 5, 1996, the Deer, the first Great Wall pick-up, was off the assembly line. As the starting product of GWM, the Deer was the first pick-up model to be equipped with the 491 engine. Starting from Deer, the GWM developed swiftly in the pick-up market. In 1998, the Deer was exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and many other countries and regions, opening up the world market for Great Wall Pick-Up.

With the continuous development, the Great Wall pick-ups sales ranks the first in the Chinese market, boasting a large amount of users. In 2017, 15 major pick-up manufacturers in China produced 415,540 vehicles cumulatively, up 19.8% compared with the same period of previous year; cumulative sales of 410,665 vehicles, an increase of 18.7% year-on-year. During this period, Great Wall Wingle 5 and 6 were upgraded, and the Great Wall pick-up sales ranked first in 2017 with an annual sales volume of 119,800. From January and August, 2018, the total sales volume was 84,486 vehicles, with a cumulative year-on-year growth rate of 15%.

New logo of Great Wall Pick-Up

With the cancellation of the inkjet and anti-reflective strips in 2018, China will cancel the pick-ups road transportation permit card and the driver's qualification certificate card nationwide at the end of 2018. China's pick-up market will usher in growth, and its annual sales are expected to exceed 1.5 million units. By 2030, China will become the main market for pick-ups.

According to strategy release by GWM, the Wingle 7 will only be the prelude to the future development plan of GWM. At the time of the 22nd anniversary of the Great Wall pick-ups, GWM published a new brand, announcing the establishment of their fourth independent brand, and at the same time, the Great Wall Pick-Up Independent Business Department was established.

Multi-strategic development, aiming at the world-class

The Great Wall pick-up believes that the development of the pick-ups is mainly divided into five phases. The 1.0 phase is commercialization, the 2.0 for passenger use, the 3.0 multi-purpose vehicle, the 4.0 automation, and the 5.0 phase, we will break the traditional space limitation to achieve multi-space driving.

At present, Great Wall Pick-Up has formed a production system that implements the north and south. There is a northern plant in Baoding and a southern plant in Chongqing. As a new plant, the one in Chongqing boasts an automation rate of 70% and an annual production capacity of more than 300,000 units. It will be put into production formally in 2019 and will develop new high-end large pick-ups based on new platforms in the future.

In terms of marketing strategy, Great Wall Pick-Up will launch a “Six-Star Strategy”, which refers to manufacturing, product planning, channel development, service capabilities, marketing models, and overseas expansion as it continues to develop.

Ning Shuyong, vice president of GWM and general manager of Great Wall Pick-Up Independent Business Department, said:” We want to lift Great Wall Pick-Up to be the China’s best and the world’s top three pick-up brand, and to cultivate an all-round leading systematic competitiveness by the Six-Star Strategy.”

In terms of products, Great Wall Pick-Up has planned to develop "5+N" new products, including passenger, commercial, electric, off-road, interconnection and many other modified models, which will be introduced to the market in the next 3 years. Among them, Great Wall Pick-Up will launch electric models and special models, and will also launch new pick-ups overseas in 2020. Competing with overseas brands, Great Wall Pick-Up aims to sell 200,000 units by 2020.

Regarding channel development, Great Wall Pick-Up will adopt the “5+e” channel strategy. In addition to the existing 4S service stores, it will add offline channels such as cooperative outlets, commercial vehicle integrated stores and independent franchise stores and online channels including YiChe, AutoHome, Alibaba, and online shopping malls.

The “164 Overseas Strategy” refers to 1 goal, 6 overseas markets, and 4 leadings. Great Wall Pick-Up will continue to consolidate its status in the overseas market with developing new products to build a comprehensive systematic competitiveness ahead of the industry.

Editor:Yu Chang