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JIAJI, first Geely MPV, is bigger than BYD Song MAX

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-10-10 17:50:50

As a leading role in the self-owned brand market, Geely’s product lineup covers sedans, SUVs, and NEVs. As early as 2017, Geely has begun to enter into the MPV market segment. Following the unveiling of the first series of official pictures, IIA learned that the first mass-produced Geely MPV was officially named “Jiaji”. The new car is expected to mate the 1.0T and 1.5T engines with a plug-in hybrid electric system.

It can be seen from official pictures that the Jiaji is closer to a family MPV, which shows that the target population of Geely Jiaji is ordinary consumers. The front face of the new car still adopts its iconic family design of water wave style. The headlights on both sides are eye-catching, and “V” shaped chrome trim strips extend into the inside of headlights, creating a novel and unique style.

The side of the body is straight and slender, and a sharp beltline runs through to the taillights. The length, width and height of the new car are 4,706mm, 1,909mm and 1,664mm respectively, and the wheelbase stands at 2,805mm, which fully exceeds BYD Song MAX, providing passengers with more interior space.

The rear of the Jiaji is simple in design, with a chrome trim strip in the middle connecting the taillights on both sides and dividing the main part of the taillight into a horizontal "V" shape. The lower bumper consists of the black plastic material mating with a silvery guard. The overall appearance is more powerful than the concept car that was released before.

The new car is rich in configuration. LED headlights, front fog lights, sunroof, surround view camera system, parking sensor, ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and other configurations will be equipped with depending on different models. In addition, the MPV is also available in three different sizes of tires, including 225/55 R17, 225/55 R18, and 235/50 R18.

In terms of power, the new car has two versions, the fuel version and the plug-in hybrid version. The fuel version can be equipped with 1.0TD and 1.5TD engines. The 1.0TD engine has a maximum power of 100kW, and the peak torque reaches 205Nm. The 1.5TD one boasts 130kW of maximum power and 265Nm of peak torque. Moreover, the plug-in hybrid version boasts a 1.5T engine, a motor and a ternary lithium battery pack mating with a plug-in hybrid electric system.

Editor:Li Yue