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ENOVATE will release the Chinese brand name on Nov 13, the first model- ME7

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-11-06 18:14:05

DEARCC was established in 2015. At the end of this July, DEARCC released the new high-end intelligent interconnection automobile brand- ENOVATE. IIA has learned from the DEARCC official that the Chinese name of ENOVATE will be published in November 13. And meanwhile the first model of this brand was named ME7 officially. 

The brand “ENOVATE” was officially launched on July 31, 2018. Its name is derived from the word “innovate”. The development and communication of this high-end brand will fully meet the needs of new consumers for more diversified car scenarios and more, maintaining a more high-end, more fashionable and more intelligent style.

The design of ENOVATE model consists of 3 elements: urban dynamics, smart inspiration and crossover fusion. The three concepts are our depictions of future urban life and they also represent the attitude and thinking of ENOVATE products about future technology, smart innovation and urban life.

The first model of ENOVATE has been named ME7. Before that the production version of this model has been unveiled. The new model is positioned as a five-seat medium-sized pure electric SUV. The appearance adopts the concept of “Pioneer Reconstruction Aesthetics”. It has a very recognizable, modern and chic overall look. In addition, the new model will be equipped with iMA digital platform.

The new model will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in this November. The price will be announced at the Shanghai Auto Show next year and the consumers can also make the reservation at that time. And in the second half of next year, the vehicles will be delivered to users. In terms of appearance, it didn’t deliberately adopt an over dramatic design to build a high-tech vibe of pure electric vehicles.

The car front adopts a more vivid line design. The angular and edgy look makes the front more powerful. The headlights set uses the LED light source. The LED lamp strip, which outlines the hexagonal grille, and the headlights set form an all-through design, giving the vehicle body a wider visual effect. 

For SUV, the normal ratio of window to body is 3 to 4 or even 1 to 1. ENOVATE has changed the traditional frame design and reconstructed the ratio of window to body (1: 2). Its sports-car style design has become the pioneer of sports coupe SUV look. 

Editor:Gao Hao