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Two New Jetta Models’ Road-Test Spy Photos, to Launch in Sep

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-03-08 12:13:31

JETTA, a new sub-brand of Volkswagen, was officially released at the VOLKSWAGEN headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany on February 26 and will be imported and produced by FAW-VOLKSWAGEN. A few days ago, IIA obtained a set of FAW-VOLKSWAGEN JETTA new models’ road-test spy photos in China. It can be seen from the spy photos that two cars are the compact sedan VA3 and the compact SUV VS5. It is reported that the first model of FAW-VOLKSWAGEN JETTA will be officially launched in September.

FAW-VOLKSWAGEN JETTA VA3 will be built based on the current JETTA model, with adjustments in appearance and interior, and is the only sedan model for the new brand. The body size is 4487/1706/1470mm and the wheelbase is 2603mm. In addition, the current JETTA’s powertrain will be used in the new model.

The FAW-VOLKSWAGEN JETTA VS5 is positioned as a compact SUV and built on the SEAT Ateca. The new car has a body size of 4400/1841/1661mm and a wheelbase of 2630mm. As can be seen from the official pictures and spy photos, the front face of the new car has been adjusted, making it look more dynamic and younger.

In terms of the tail design, there is some adjustment in detail. The newly designed taillights are very unique; the rear bumper is made of black material and matched with silver panel, creating an edgy and wild style. There is still no more information on the power, and IIA will continue to follow more news about the new car. Stay tuned. 

Editor:Hou Minghao