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GAC NE: Aion V shifts from solving "pain points" to providing "cookies"

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-05-20 15:55:00

On April 27, the third model of the GAC NE Aion family, the Aion V, was officially released and pre-sales started, with a pre-sale price starting from 170,000 yuan. The new car is positioned as a compact, pure electric SUV, which uses a very sci-fi "Mecha-beast" design, while Aion V is defined by GAC NE as a "next-generation smart SUV".

Recently, Xiao Yong, deputy general manager of GAC NE, said in an interview with IIA: The first characteristic of the next generation of smart cars should be electrification + intelligent networking. At the same time, the next generation of smart cars should shift from solving "pain points" to providing "cookies". GAC NE Aion V is just such a model.

Talking about the next generation of smart cars, Xiao Yong said: From the perspective of the industry, cars are developing towards the new four directions of electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing. Based on the trend of the new modernization of automobiles and the observation and prediction of the market, GAC NE believes that the next generation of smart cars is the transformation of vehicles from vehicles to intelligent terminals, from the focus on passive safety to the focus on active safety, and it is also a manual The transformation from driving to intelligent assisted driving, and ultimately to achieve the transformation of unmanned driving.

Xiao Yong believes that the first feature of the next generation of smart cars should be electrification + intelligent networking. Second, the next generation of intelligence should no longer use car mileage, charging time, vehicle safety, etc. as publicity points, but should provide BEV users with advantages such as acceleration performance and handling capabilities, comfort and large space, economical environmental protection, and intelligent networking. .

Xiao Yong summarized the six advantages of Aion V, and said: Aion V is the strongest EV and the next-generation ICV in its class, and it can fully represent the next generation of smart cars.

The first is one-button remote parking. Aion V's one-button remote parking can realize horizontal and vertical parking and parking. It supports full-scenario intelligent parking such as ramps, diagonal trains and intelligent tracking parking. It also supports remote parking within 6 meters, enabling remote parking outside the car to automatically park in vertical and horizontal narrow parking spaces. When picking up the car, you can call the vehicle by one-button remote parking.

The second is the platform. Aion V is based on the GEP 2.0 all-aluminum pure electric exclusive platform, which achieves light weight and high strength. In addition, Aion V has the longest wheelbase of 2,830mm in the same class, which can maximize the space in the car.

The third is L3 level automatic driving. After the Aion LX, the Aion V is the second model in the world equipped with high-precision map L3 autopilot technology at full speed and full speed. With the support of the world's first deliverable application of China's high-precision map technology, as permitted by regulations, all domestic highways and expressways support drivers to take off for a long time (the right to use the road section needs to be gradually opened), truly liberating both hands.

The fourth is appearance. Through a more sci-fi styling, it interprets a distinctive image, and also caters to the preferences of young consumer groups for future cars.

The fifth is 5G network. Aion V is equipped with China's first integrated 5G + C-V2X vehicle intelligent communication system independently developed by GAC NE. It is equipped with Huawei's new generation of 5G vehicle module MH5000. It has three absolute advantages of high speed, low delay, and wide connection. The transmission speed Super 4G 100 times, can connect millions of terminals at the same time.

The sixth is 600km cruising range. Aion V is built on the GEP 2.0 platform, and uses a deeply integrated three-in-one electric drive system, the world's leading power battery and management technology, and uses ultra-low wind resistance design, double-layer flow heat pump air conditioning technology, etc., to achieve the longest 600km cruising range.

Why make a pure electric platform?

At present, most of the pure electric vehicles on the market are still dominated by "oil to electricity", but these models do not bring the technical characteristics of pure electric vehicles to the extreme, and they will not bring users a better experience in future market competition. GAC NE has adopted the road of pure electric platform since its inception, and launched the first generation platform of GEP in 2017. At present, it has launched the GEP 2.0 platform.

Regarding the reasons for insisting on the pure electric platform, Xiao Yong introduced: First, the pure electric exclusive platform eliminates the parts that are only available in fuel vehicles such as gearboxes and exhaust pipes. There is no need to consider the constraints of the layout. The battery + electric drive is the center layout, which does not squeeze the interior space of the car and brings more space for riding. The second is safety. The battery of the pure electric platform is located in the center of the chassis and is unconventional. The center of gravity is lower and the counterweight is more uniform. It can greatly improve handling and the front and rear buffer areas are also larger, further improving vehicle safety.

At the same time, the GEP 2.0 platform is an all-aluminum platform that is lightweight, light, corrosion-resistant, and safe, but its high cost is also undeniable. In response, Xiao Yong said, "Applying the all-aluminum platform to the $200,000 model has to do first and foremost with our cost control, but most importantly we want to bring a safer, more luxurious and lighter product to consumers."

5G is a hot topic in recent years. 5G will also bring tremendous changes to the automotive industry. Xiao Yong believes: "5G is a revolutionary weapon, which can be said to be a revolution that detonates the entire industry with the help of big communications.

5G will also bring a revolutionary change to the automotive industry. Xiao Yong said that autonomous driving is a development trend in the future, and 5G is a key technology to achieve higher levels of autonomous driving. Real-time updated high-precision maps and instant high-speed information processing and feedback are the core of realizing autonomous driving. Without the support of these two technologies, it is actually difficult to avoid traffic accidents and violations.

Xiao Yong said: Aion V is equipped with AR live navigation. Faced with complex road conditions, ordinary navigation is easy to go to the wrong intersection. AR live navigation based on 5G technology can achieve higher precision navigation instructions. At the same time, because Aion V supports L3 level autopilot, the amount of data transmission it needs to process far exceeds L2 level, and the 5G network's large bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and ultra-high reliability also provide technical support for L3 level autopilot. It is more reliable.

Graphene is no longer a gimmick.

On May 13th, GAC NE announced that the mass production research and development of graphene batteries will move from the laboratory to real vehicles. The battery can be charged to 85% in minutes, and the charging time is equivalent to the refueling time of a traditional fuel car.

Xiao Yong said: "At present, GAC NE no longer stays in gimmicks and concepts for graphene battery technology. Recently, GAC NE has begun preparations for the mass production of graphene battery technology, and it will be officially released soon. Ene walked out of the laboratory and entered the mass production stage. "

As a practitioner in the automotive industry for more than 20 years, Xiao Yong has always had a dream of the rise of the Chinese auto industry in mind. But through these more than 20 years of work experience, he found that China's auto industry still has some gaps in core technologies with those in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

Now the global automobile industry is undergoing tremendous changes. Under such a moment of change, Xiao Yong believes: " China's auto industry is experiencing the once-in-a-century 'change of course' time to overtake, on the road of pure electric smart cars, China's auto industry can become the leader, we can stand on the same starting line with all auto industry practitioners. "

The tremendous changes in the industry have brought shock and transformation opportunities to both emerging forces and established brands. At the same time, because of the industry changes, the gap between emerging forces and established brands will be narrowed. Emerging forces took the opportunity to rise. "If Chinese auto companies seize this rare opportunity in the past 100 years, we may complete the transition from followers to leaders, and truly become the leading automobile industry power."

Although it has not been established for a long time, GAC NE has become the backbone of China ’s new energy vehicle market, and it has maintained a nearly doubled growth momentum during the adjustment period of market shocks. There is a close relationship. The upcoming Aion V further implements the concept of "one step ahead". When others are still addressing the "pain point" as a promotional point, Aion V has begun to create "cookies" for users. When others are still building "electric oil-to-electricity" pure electric vehicles, Aion V has used the second-generation pure electric platform. GAC NE, which can be said to be "a step ahead", has since come to the fore.

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