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DS brand releases "new strategy" in China to launch multiple models

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-07-27 18:01:55

IIA learned from DS that DS will firmly and deeply cultivate the Chinese market, opening a new chapter of its development in China from the three dimensions of brand building, product layout, and service model. In the future, DS China's new operation team in Shanghai will be fully responsible for the brand's development in China, providing Chinese consumers with high-quality brands, products, and service experiences, continuously improving product layout, and introducing a series of new products for the Chinese market.

Ms. Béatrice Foucher, Executive Vice President of PSA Group and Global CEO of DS Brand, said: “The luxury car market in China is full of opportunities and vitality. The Chinese market is more strategic for the global development of the DS brand, and it will complement the well-performing European market. We are convinced of the strong potential of the DS brand and have chosen an appropriate strategy to promote the brand's development in China, namely, adopting a new business model and continuously launching first-class models. I firmly believe that the DS brand is writing a new chapter in China. "

Nicolas Monnot, General Manager of DS China, said: "In the past few months, DS China has established a new operation team in Shanghai. We will take a series of new initiatives, including O2O development plans, to bring Chinese consumers more in line with their expectations. Products, services and experiences that are in demand. In the future, we will launch two brand-new models, DS 9 and DS 3, in China. They will form the latest product lineup with DS 7 and we look forward to them gaining the favor of Chinese consumers."

Since entering the Chinese market in 2012, the DS brand has launched a number of models including the DS 7. The DS brand will continue to improve the layout of the existing product lineup, introduce a series of new products for the Chinese market, and establish a product lineup including luxury cars, SUVs and pure electric vehicles, so as to better meet the diverse needs of Chinese consumers.

DS 9

DS 3

In addition to the DS 7 currently on sale, the DS 9 luxury sedan under the DS brand and the first pure electric SUV DS 3 will be launched in China for some time to come. DS 9 combines exquisite design and cutting-edge technology, vividly interpreting the power of French elegance, and will bring Chinese consumers a unique luxury car choice. Thanks to the cutting-edge electrification technology of the DS brand on the Formula E track of the FIA Electric Car Championship, DS 3 has outstanding pure electric driving characteristics, which will meet the expectations of Chinese consumers for high-end pure electric vehicles.

In addition, DS China will adopt a new retail service model to provide Chinese consumers with customized and refined services through the implementation of the O2O development plan. Online, DS China will rely on Internet thinking and digital technology to launch a series of innovative measures to upgrade the customer experience, such as the official DS car mini program, allowing users to communicate with brands more directly and conveniently. Offline, DS China will expand its dealer network in key areas, promote the lightweight investment of dealers, and promote the development of urban showrooms and independent after-sales service outlets.

Editor:Shi Rui