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Geely releases Binrui 2021 official pictures

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-12-16 17:52:10

IIA obtained Binrui 2021 official pictures from Geely. The new car has launched a total of three models in two versions, the F-type version (flagship version, sports version) and the Asian Games version, and has been personalized for the exterior and interior decorations based on the original car. Among them, the appearance of the new car adds two new colors, red and blue.

In terms of overall shape, the Binrui Asian Games version adopts the design concept of "time racing aesthetics". The starlight energy grid is matched with a three-dimensional impact front face, which is very sporty. The forward boomerang trim echoes the three-dimensional ridgeline of the hood, presenting high-quality sports genes. The blackened LED headlights match the 17-inch five-spoke bright silver aluminum alloy wheels, which are both beautiful and dynamic. In addition, Binrui Asian Games Edition also adds a blue body color.

In the interior, the Asian Games version uses cool black seats with bright yellow stitching, which are interlaced with the imitation "Burberry" checkered design texture, presenting a sense of fashion and quality. The 7-inch full LCD instrument can display 3D clock, speed limit, temperature, gear, mileage and driving computer information, etc. The 10.25-inch floating central control screen is matched with the geometric space embossed texture panel to create a strong technological atmosphere.

Compared with the Asian Games version, the Binrui F-type version has a more radical styling. The frame, headlights and front bumper of the boomerang are all blackened and the "F" logo is added. Viewed from the side, the new car maintains the Fastback back shape, while the door handle chrome trim, exterior mirrors and window frame trim are all blackened. In addition, 17-inch blackened rims, red flame calipers, black rear wing and scarlet body are matched to create a vigorous sports atmosphere.

The Binrui F-type version uses red and black sports interiors. The all-black matte carbon fiber texture panel is a highlight of the F-type version, which not only extends the visual effect, but also adds to the high-level sense of the vehicle. In addition, the seat of this car is also stamped with the F-type exclusive "F" logo. It is reported that the "F" in F-type means Faith, Furious, Fast and Fighting.

Editor:Shi Rui