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See how Mercedes-Benz can help to build a "comfort zone"

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-02-25 15:08:35

On the evening of February 23, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan held a global cloud launch conference. The ingenious story design and plot arrangement allowed the author to see new ideas far beyond the product itself. In the future, it will or Become a model for many brands.

On February 23, at 21:00 Beijing time, the world premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class was held online. The activity was less than half an hour, but it made me miss the 12-minute product demonstration video. In the traditional sense, its core is the display of new products, new technologies, and new trends. However, the ingenious story design and plot arrangement allow the author to see new ideas far beyond the product itself, so that I renewed it earlier this morning. I watched this 12-minute video twice.

As the global leader in luxury cars, if Mercedes-Benz turns the new product launch of the C-Class sedan and derivative models, which has sold about 10.5 million C-Class cars and derivatives to date, into a product line that integrates products, technologies, and group leaders to introduce products. At the press conference, no one should be surprised. After all, C-Class products occupies a very important role in Mercedes-Benz. In 2020 alone, one out of every seven vehicles sold by Mercedes-Benz is C-Class, not to mention the transplantation of many technologies in the new S-class to the new C There are many products that can be introduced to consumers. But how to show it is a subject of knowledge and art. Mercedes-Benz's press conference is not an exaggeration to say that the design concept and formal planning should become the target of many brands to emulate in the future. If you don't believe it, we will use time to test it.

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Zach King became the core of this new C-Class premiere. His limelight seemed to overshadow the protagonist "New Mercedes-Benz C-Class", but he managed to capture the viewer’s visual attention and let him You in front of the screen remember many features of the new product through his interpretation.

The C-Class product director told us at the beginning that every iteration of the C-Class will bring surprises to consumers because it has the "magic power" to lead the times. Zach King turned his signature pen into a new car key, and got into the new C-Class car with ecstasy. This scenario must be in line with the state of most people when they buy a car.

The high-definition camera and 360° bird’s-eye view are reproduced as real on the super-sized central control screen. However, the designer of this film abandoned the stinky street-style functional presentation style and interacted with the two children in the back seat through Zach King. Reveal all function points imperceptibly. The first thing to tell you is that even if it is a family with two children, the two children will sit in their respective safety seats in the back row, and they will be in peace, showing the ample space in the back row. Secondly, what the second child wants Toys, Zach King can easily get through the oversized skylight above his head. In an ordinary scene, through a few actions, the active safety configuration, space performance of the new car, and everyone's favorite large sunroof were fully displayed.

The new C-Class gives consumers a better car experience through MBUX. Zach King bounced out of bed early in the morning and got into the car to go to work. This is basically the same as most office workers: "No time to eat breakfast is the norm, traffic jams are commonplace, and the ultimate goal is to arrive at the company on time."

The new C-Class digital headlights compete with Audi in terms of function and effect. An exaggerated performance of Zach King is in line with his usual magic operation. We boldly imagine that future products with personalized irradiation effects may already be planned by the engineers.

At the end of the film, a senior in suit and leather shoes finally appeared. He is the chief operating officer of Mercedes-Benz AG Markus Schafer. The high degree of electrification he talked about is the top priority, which is also a topic that old traditional car companies cannot avoid. All models are equipped with plug-in hybrid version is the solution in the future. The 190E Elektro test car, a pure electric model that first appeared in 1990, appeared in the film. It not only demonstrated Mercedes-Benz’s pioneering spirit in electric mobility, but also gave a signal to current competitors and those new car dealers: our strength lies here.

Having said that, if you continue to criticize the BEV's cruising range, the increase of 30 liters in the trunk, and the increase of 20 mm of legroom, your perspective seems really narrow. If you let me see, adding these is not difficult not only for Mercedes-Benz, but also for other traditional car manufacturers. On the contrary, the other exciting All-Terrain model he mentioned made me very excited. Up to now, among the crossover models sold in China at this level, the Audi A4 allroad is the absolute king in terms of core performance, and the launch of the C-Class All-Terrain in the future should break the current situation. If it can enter successfully by then There will certainly be many people who like China. Of course, the price estimate must be "exciting."

So, in a nutshell, what is the new C-Class all about? "Intelligence, Sustainability, and Just play in fun. And it’s a new chapter in the success history of our most popular models." This is not my praise for the new C-Class. This is what they said. Can it be worthy of the name? The market and consumers will definitely give the final answer. Let us also look forward to the moment when our dreams come true.

After all, it's tempting to stay in your "comfort zone".

Editor:Huo Hongwei