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BYD new SUV finally unveiled its “Dragon Face”

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-03-25 15:27:46

The BYD Dynasty series includes the Tang, the Song, the Yuan and other SUV products, and the company will also launch the new A+ SUV of the Dynasty series with the internal code SA2. Recently, IIA got a set of BYD SA2 official pictures. The appearance of the new car was designed by the former Ferrari exterior design director. The Dragon Face 2.0 design style was featured the “Dragon Claw” shape front and rear light groups. The overall shape is amazing. In addition, SA2 is built on the BNA architecture, and former Mercedes-Benz chassis experts were involved in its chassis tuning design.

The new car adopts the Dragon Face 2.0 design language. Front and rear LED light group are inspired by "dragon claws". Engine hood has two sharp ridge lines in the middle, which is visually more muscular. The bumper is in simple design. “L” shaped fog lights are set on both sides of the bottom grille. The waistline is smooth, and the front and rear wheel arches are designed to create a strong sense of sculpture. In addition, the SA2 also features a newly designed metal-quality rim.

The rear of the SA2 is sharp and angular. In the middle of the trunk are the raised ridge line and the newly designed double LED strip, which are eye-catching when illuminated at night. The bottom part of this SUV is designed in a layered shape, and the reflective strips on the upper sides of the bottom black guard are decorated with silvery accents to enhance the sportiness of the car.

Editor:Shi Rui