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SAIC Volkswagen Tacqua unveiled

From:Internet Info Agency 2019-11-22 17:52:22

Tacqua is a new small SUV from FAW-Volkswagen. IIA learned from FAW-Volkswagen that Tacqua officially appeared at the Guangzhou Auto Show today. At the same time, the car also launched the Tacqua limited edition model. The appearance of this new car basically continues the design of the overseas version of T-Cross, only in the details of the changes. In terms of power, the Tacqua is powered by 1.5L/1.4T engines.

The front end of the new car features a multi-baner grille with chrome trim strips, and the lower grille connects the fog lights on both sides to outline the shape of X, making the front end look very domineering. In addition, Tacqua features a ring-shaped chrome finish around the fog lights for a more stylish look.

The new car LED taillights are designed with a light strip and a large black material to give the overall visual effect a futuristic look. The bumper under the rear of the car is made of black, and the trapezoidal chrome exhaust trim strip is added to the upper side to make the visual effect more sporty. In addition, the Tacqua limited edition model is also equipped with a pure black roof, high-definition black exterior mirrors, 17-inch Wadacross gravel lime sports wheels.

For the interior, the new car is designed with Volkswagen's latest family and uses a new style of three-spoke steering wheel. The multi-function buttons are decorated with silver trims, and the overall visual effect is very fashionable. The rear of the steering wheel is a 10.2-inch full LCD dashboard and a center console touch screen, making the entire interior full of technology.

The new car is equipped with two different power systems: 1.5L naturally aspirated and 1.4T turbocharged. Among them, the 1.5L engine has a maximum power of 83 kW and a fuel consumption of 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers. The 1.4T engine has a maximum power of 110 kW and a fuel consumption of 5.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

Editor:Zhang Meng