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Through Brabus, how does WEY make itself better?

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-07-08 17:28:16

By creating high-end local brands, launching higher-level, larger-size, and more luxurious models, breaking the price ceiling of 150,000 has become the usual method for mainstream Chinese auto brands. The WEY brand can be said to be a model of success among local brands. When it broke through the inherent price system, it inevitably launched a head-on confrontation with joint venture products.

The high-end local brands have in fact completed the first round of vehicle layout. Taking WEY as an example, the product matrix covering the price range of 150,000-200,000 yuan for VV5, VV6, and VV7 has already been laid out. The key to how to further gain a foothold is development. Solve development. Only by effectively developing new ones, reaching new people that are not reachable by the original models, and using more forward-looking products to target the target population to more diversified and more out-of-the-round pan-submersibles, we can defend the current pattern.

This time WEY expands users by launching different SUVs, with a view to enhancing the brand's overall consumption level and premium ability.

VV7 GT brabus|automotive launched

On July 2, the VV7 family lineup, which has won the favor of many young consumers with its luxurious personalized design, welcomed a heavyweight new member, that is, the VV7 GT Brabus version jointly launched by the WEY brand and Brabus.

As the first Brabus model of the Chinese brand, the launch of the VV7 GT Brabus version, in addition to the meaning of the product itself, is more important to witness the true implementation of the product between the WEY brand and Brabus in a "door to door" state. Demonstration significance. As a special modification factory for Mercedes-Benz cars, Brabus has always been at the forefront of the world in the modification of appearance and performance, representing the highest level of automobile modification. As the strongest spokesperson for China's luxury SUVs, the WEY brand is also standing on the high-end of the local trend. The point of similarity of each other lies in "not mediocre", and behind this reflects the outstanding "international vision" of the WEY brand. The seemingly small move actually passed the WEY brand on the shoulders of the first-line luxury SUV and presented a masterpiece of Chinese smart business cards to the world.

The two parties will collaborate on the research and development of powertrains, interior and exterior decoration design, and vehicle tuning. At the same time, the two parties will also conduct research and design on future and advanced technologies, and discuss the certification of vehicle compliance including the EU market. The global cooperation within the country and the feasibility of joint venture cooperation further implement the globalization strategy of WEY brand “Going up and going out”.

As the flagship model of the Chinese luxury SUV WEY brand, in fact, the ordinary version of the VV7 GT already has an impressive sports style design, a comprehensive leading intelligent technology configuration, and luxurious and exquisite workmanship. But the WEY brand's pursuit of luxurious texture is endless. Therefore, in order to further meet the consumer group's demand for car modification, the WEY brand decided to continue to explore the luxury possibilities of the VV7 GT.

What about this car? Compared with the ordinary version, the VV7 GT Brabus version adopts a German custom knight design. Through the vertical and horizontal collocation of European high-end car-making stylized elements and lines, the overall visual effect is more inclined to sports and personalized expression.

Specifically, the new car adopts the design of the front face of the knight armor, that is, the design inspiration of the European knight armor is integrated into the front face line design of the model, and a three-dimensional sharp curve line is added below the left and right front lights to distinguish the family model , The overall vision is very shocking.

At the rear of the car body, the Brabus style of the new car is more obvious. It is equipped with a polar shadow carbon fiber rear wing, which maximizes the use of carbon fiber coverings in the Brabus car design. The taillight also adopts a through-type black blaze crystal design, with the shape of the rear of the battle horse, which further improves the recognition of the whole vehicle.

In terms of interiors, the overall interior of the new car is dominated by black and red color contrast. The cockpit seat adopts a new ergonomically customized competitive racing seat and is equipped with an integrated headrest. It is worth noting that the seat back has also added a "brabus / automotive" exclusive logo, which echoes the details to create a more intense and luxurious sports atmosphere. In terms of configuration, the new car is also equipped with luxurious configurations such as a panoramic sunroof, a 12.3-inch central control screen, and a 12-way electric adjustment of the seat.

From a brand perspective, the WEY brand has entered its fourth year of development. As the current flagship model of the WEY brand series, VV7 has gradually formed its own model brand, extended the display of products that meet different user segments, and gradually shows the family system power of a single model. Using the latest intelligent technology and new energy technology to provide users with diversified and personalized car purchase options and create an excellent car experience is essentially a proactive response after accurately understanding the user's needs.


After the VV7 models, including VV7 New Energy, VV7 GT and the newly launched VV7 GT Brabus version, an increasingly complete family system is formed. The consumer awareness connection, diversified product orientation and corresponding marketing ideas established by the WEY brand all reveal that it hopes to develop new product attitudes steadily and continuously. In fact, after the VV7 GT went on the market, the division of labor of the VV7 family was also clearer, built based on the VV7 brand equity, and each subdivided product has an extension direction.

The launch of the VV7 GT Brabus version is constantly moving closer to the world-class level, further strengthening the voice of the Chinese high-end SUV market. Just like the positioning of the WEY brand for new cars, the VV7 GT Brabus version is an advancement of the luxury strength of the WEY brand. At the same time, the launch of the Brabus version also provides the VV7 GT with an opportunity for product promotion and structural reinforcement, and further clarifies WEY's determination to expand to new users.

For the WEY brand, priority is given to stabilizing its own dominant market, while using product tonal differences to subdivide users within the same price range, subdivide brand equity, find more positioning, and position itself in smart security, plug-in Give full play to electric hybrid and design.

2020 is a crucial year for the WEY brand, and the brand system has been further improved. Facing the local mid- to high-end market, the marketing burden is even heavier. However, in the future, the consolidation and innovation of the VV7 family will further stabilize the WEY brand. The expansion of the lineup of the VV7 product is the determined action of the WEY brand to defend its position, magnify its advantages, and seek afterwards. It is connected to the pulse of future changes.

Editor:Jin Chenyi