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Tesla has deployed more than 700 supercharge stations in China

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-01-11 18:09:51

IIA learned that Tesla’s Beijing Badaling Ski Resort’s super charging station was officially completed and opened, with a total of 8 piles. In addition, Tesla's first airport super charging station in Asia Pacific has also been launched in Beijing. It is located at Beijing Daxing International Airport and is also equipped with 8 piles. With the opening of the new station, Tesla has opened more than 700 supercharging stations in mainland China, with more than 5,700 super charging piles, and the charging network covers 300 cities.

Tesla has stated that it hopes that when users buy a Tesla, they will not only get a very forward-looking smart product, but also enjoy a complete charging service network and a matching ecosystem, which will bring nothing Comparable car experience.

In addition, Tesla also deployed 2 super charging stations and 11 destination charging stations on the "Sichuan-Tibet Line" of approximately 2011 kilometers, with an average of one for every 154 kilometers.

In addition, Tesla also plans to invest 42 million yuan in Shanghai to build a super charging pile factory integrating R&D and production. The project is expected to be put into operation in the first quarter of this year. The initial plan is to produce 10,000 super charging piles per year, mainly V3 super charging pile.