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GWM textbook-style naming marketing

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-01-21 17:27:56

If you want to ask a Chinese car brand whose marketing is excellent, then Great Wall Motor's WEY must be considered one. Especially in recent years, there have been more and more textbook-level cases targeting young consumers.

On January 14, the WEY brand officially announced a new flagship SUV named "Mocha". This model is the first product of the "Coffee Smart" platform and is positioned as a new medium-sized SUV.

From the name of the platform, we can know that the "Coffee Smart" platform is WEY's main smart technology automotive platform. The "Mocha" built on the "Coffee Smart" platform is equipped with the world's leading car-level Qualcomm 8155 chip and the first car standard. Hardcore configuration such as 5G+V2X, the first car-level lidar, AR-HUD, and L3 autonomous driving domain controller. In terms of hardware, it has the current leading level of smart cars.

In the author’s opinion, WEY’s purpose is not simply to be a smart car, but to break the fixed impression of mobile travel tools, and to build "Mocha" into a third social space, just like Mocha coffee with same social attributes.

Intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, and intelligent service are the "three-intelligence integration" that is the essence of "Mocha". The "Mocha" offline from the "coffee" platform has the intelligent characteristics of cars that can grow, participate, and cover all scenarios in the Internet era. It can actively learn to quickly iterate, accompany users to grow, and inspire each other. And an open intelligent hardware expansion platform It can also fully meet the diverse personal needs of users. The "Coffee Intelligence" platform not only carries the leading technological strength of the WEY brand in the "intelligence" field, but also carries the attributes of intelligent social interaction.

While all competitors are polishing smart cars in a broad sense, WEY’s "Mocha" has quickly found a key segment of smart cars for deep cultivation, just as the luxury brand WEY was launched earlier than the industry. Great Wall's strength in market segmentation and its sensitive market sense far surpass competitors at the same level.

It is worth mentioning that the Great Wall not only used the name "Mocha" which is very "fast fashion", but it also debuted together with Annabel Yao, the daughter of Huawei's boss, which can be called a golden combination of cross-border marketing.

As a top student at Harvard University, Annabel Yao, who has been educated by elites since he was a child, has recently made his debut in the news and dominates the hot searches, and he is also a hot character himself. A group of fashion blockbusters with WEY "Mocha" not only succeeded in bringing WEY's new car "Mocha" into flames, Annabel Yao also successfully completed his commercial debut.

For such a pair of combinations, I think it is a win-win, mutual achievement. The first is the aloof princess, who gave up the gold and silver mountains at home, broke the public's inherent impression of celebrities, and put down her body to pursue her dreams. This is enough to attract the attention of young people. And "Mocha", with its super-high intelligent social attributes and highly recognized name, has also aroused a wave of heated discussions in the car circle. The combination of the two information points has greatly increased the spread.

Of course, in this marketing, the subject is still WEY "Mocha", and cross-border marketing is often hidden mystery.

In recent years, women’s awareness of independence has become stronger and their purchasing power has also increased. The proportion of female users in the automobile market has also increased. There is still a lot of room for the development of the female car market. But this part of the market has not been fully developed, and there is even a lot of room for growth. "Mocha" is already a highly intelligent product in terms of hardware; on the humanistic level, it also has a strong modern cultural atmosphere, which makes it easier to obtain women's choice and favor.

Recently, Great Wall Motors has indeed made a big fuss against female users, breaking through the traditional perception of user composition, and conducting customized marketing. For example, Ora launched an event exclusively for female users. During the Guangzhou Auto Show, the WEY brand created the first female-specific press conference to arouse emotional resonance from users.

The down-to-earth and easy-to-remember name has become the open secret of GWM's marketing success.

In naming cars, GWM has established its own system. For example, in the past year, Great Wall Motors has launched Haval Dog, Haval First Love, Great Wall Pao, Ora Black Cat, White Cat, Good Cat, Tank 300, etc. The new naming has broken through. The traditional naming law.

The concretized naming can not only drive the topic, but also because the unique naming sequence can attract the continuous attention of consumers, it is easier to bring its own traffic and become an Internet celebrity in the automobile circle, and the spread effect will even be far greater than that of the first-line stars.

In the naming of the car-building platform, Great Wall also uses the same system, such as its intelligent modular technology platform "Lemon"; intelligent technology platform "Coffee Intelligence"; and "tank" platform, in which "Lemon" hybrid The release of DHT is a blockbuster core technology launched after Great Wall Motor's technological system reform.

WEY’s lemon platform and tank platform models have been tested by the market, and the brand-new flagship SUV “Mocha” created by “Coffee Smart” also has the potential to succeed, thereby further expanding the spread of the entire brand.

Nowadays, the homogeneity of automobile products is becoming more and more obvious. For a product or a brand, if you want to stand out from the crowd, smartly find another way. The clever use of brand names can greatly reduce the difficulty of marketing and make it easier to get consumers' favor. The author believes that this set of naming system of Great Wall has not only achieved success at the marketing level, but also laid the product foundation for GWM to achieve brand rejuvenation.

Summary: Although GWM is good at marketing, it still depends on the quality of the entire vehicle that can ultimately win consumers. In 2020, Great Wall sold more than 1.11 million new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 4.8%. Not only did it exceed one million sales for the fifth consecutive year, Even exceeding the annual sales target of 1.02 million vehicles, WEY, as a luxury brand, has already surpassed the 400,000 mark in cumulative users. With the gradual landing of new products, it is not difficult to achieve a sales breakthrough in 2021.

In the two years of the most ups and downs of the auto market, after fully insight into market demand, GWM reshaped the underlying logic of the product according to the user’s value changes, launched a number of new Internet celebrity models, and successfully created a personalized Brand. On this basis, continue to enrich the product lineup and use solid technology to meet the diverse needs of consumers. This is why GWM can quickly get rid of the impact of the epidemic, achieve a rise against the trend, and walk in the forefront of the independent brand camp.

Editor:Tian Qian