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Xpeng's third model may be named P5

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-01-14 14:22:01

IIA learned that the third model of Xpeng may be named Xpeng P5. Previously, Xpeng Motors released a trailer for the new car, code-named D55, which is expected to be put into production in October. The new car will be equipped with a car-level lidar and will be positioned on a smart car, or lower than the Xpeng P7.

It can be seen from the preview that the new car adopts the Xpeng family-style design. The front-face through-type light strip is matched with the "X" style headlight group and the brand LOGO to increase the overall sense of the vehicle. From the side of the body, the overall size of the car is slightly smaller than that of the P7. The taillights also adopt a penetrating design. The taillights are similar in style to the headlights. The Xpeng brand logo is under the light bar.

It is reported that the new car will be equipped with Lidar and will become the world's first mass-produced smart car equipped with Lidar. Lidar can improve the high-precision recognition function and perception ability of vehicles, can strengthen the monitoring of static objects such as pedestrians, and is not affected by light environment images. Prior to this, Xpeng cooperated with DJI Livox, and it is expected to launch Xpeng customized version of the car-level lidar within the year and be equipped on mass-produced vehicles.