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How does IM build the future of travel?

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-01-19 17:57:51

On January 13, the IM brand was launched simultaneously in Shanghai, China, CES in Las Vegas, and London in the United Kingdom. It is a new user-based automotive technology and innovation company jointly created by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba Group. The company is committed to achieving the "transformation of mobility in the intelligent age".

IM, as a brand new brand, is quite different from NIO, Li Auto, Xpeng, etc., and it has first appeared since the press conference. The IM brand launch conference is led by the principals of the Intelligent Youth Commune, and the future product experience of IM, from conception to realization, to the expression of brand attitude, is made by the principals responsible for each sector to make decisions. A team of young people.

After the press conference, IIA interviewed IM user manager Jiao Qiao, product experience manager Hu Shiwen, user contact manager Li Weimeng, and brand experience manager Chen Minjun to learn about their own car and future travel.

IM released a brand proposition and a new brand LOGO. Chen Minjun interpreted the meaning of it. He pointed out: "IM, Intelligence in Motion. IM wants to build a deep intelligent vehicle. IM expects every user to participate and create together, which is the driving force behind IM product iteration and service iteration. We dare to say that this car is me and also you.

The design of IM's LOGO is derived from the 0 to 1 digital code, and uses a very simple and friendly language to reflect the warm tension of intelligent technology. The proposition of "IM What I am" focuses on the self-identification and self-expression of "I" by consumers in the new era.

Young team to create diversified products

The IM organizational structure is very distinctive. It is different from the common founder's platform, but a brand dominated by a young team. According to Chen Minjun, the principal of IM brand experience, IM’s original intention of establishing the Smart Youth Commune was to create a digital, youthful and diversified team. The current team is basically the post-80s and post-85s, composed of a group of very enthusiastic, energetic and energetic managers. The company's digital talents account for more than 75%. The composition of IM Youth Commune is also very diverse, coming from all walks of life, such as the Internet, software, digital art, music and other fields, and even senior hotel management talents.

These young, talented and cross-border youths participate in many decisions of IM. These include styling decisions, product decisions, and service decisions, so that the products created by IM will become favorites of true young consumers and future consumers.

The first partner mechanism to bring users a new experience of AI travel

IM not only has a diversified team, but also introduced a partner co-creation mechanism. Chen Minjun said: "The original intention of introducing the partner mechanism is to help users create a new and exquisite and interesting AI travel experience."

The first four partners of IM come from all walks of life, including the Williams Advanced Engineering Company from the F1 racing field. Through cooperation, they will apply their rich experience and expertise in the F1 racing field and the pure electric race Formula E field to IM The production car is being developed and adjusted.

The chassis tuning of the two IM mass-produced stereotypes will be conducted by the Williams international professional chassis tuning team personally. It is equipped with an all-aluminum chassis with a front double wishbone and a rear five-link suspension, a wire-controlled system and a wire-controlled AKC rear wheel. Steering system, and CDC intelligent electronically controlled suspension system.

Technological innovation breaks tradition

Organizational structure innovation is only one aspect, IM's technical strength is also strong enough, and the latest "silicon-doped lithium battery" released has excellent performance in all aspects. Hu Shiwen pointed out that IM's battery uses silicon and lithium to be added to the negative electrode. Silicon is added to improve battery life, and lithium is used to increase battery stability.

In the future, IMIM will be equipped with 93kWh and high-end 115kWh silicon-doped lithium batteries as standard. According to official reports, the battery has an ultra-high cell energy density of 300wh/kg and has the highest safety level that will never spontaneously combust. Relying on battery technology, IM can support up to 1000km of endurance within the bandwidth of the entire architecture, and achieve zero attenuation of over 200,000 kilometers. In addition, its models also support 11kW high-power wireless charging.

In terms of autonomous driving, IM is equipped with perception hardware such as Nvidia Xavier (30~60 TOPS), 15 high-definition vision cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars, and 12 ultrasonic radars. The hardware foundation is very strong. Hu Shiwen emphasized that IM emphasizes Date-Driven algorithm for autonomous driving. IM has its own data factory, which will reconstruct the internal logic of development and iteration from the bottom layer to build a data-driven business flywheel system, through the automation of user-provided data and AI algorithms Closed loop, an optimized data factory that continuously drives product and service experience. At present, the main point-to-point zero takeover autopilot, which can be said to be close to the L3 driving experience.

"IM autopilot will deeply integrate functions such as "smart parking in and parking out + urban smart piloting + high-speed smart piloting" to create a "full scene, most continuous" smart driving experience with zero takeover. At the end of 2021, there will be point-to-point zero takeover. Autopilot capability." Li Weimeng added.

IM's innovation is not only reflected in battery technology, automatic technology, etc., but also launched the exclusive operating system "IMOS", providing a smooth and unbounded multi-screen interactive experience, scene-based immersive experience, and users can customize it freely. At the same time, the bottom layer adopts multi-core heterogeneous central intelligent deployment, which is fully compatible with the car-side operating system. Li Weimeng believes that IM hopes that the concept of IMOS water can be used for unbounded cross-screen interaction, giving users a very technological sense, and at the same time making him a smart cockpit that does not feel technological sense.

Summary: As a new brand, IM has a young management team, innovative mechanisms and strong autonomous driving capabilities, reshaping smart travel from the underlying architecture. According to the plan, the mass production version of the smart pure electric car will accept global reservations during the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021. It will be listed at the end of 2021 and delivered to car owners in 2022. At that time, what kind of answers IM will hand over, let us wait and see.

Editor:Zhou Yue