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How will Jetta win the increasingly fierce auto market?

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-04-16 17:14:49

A total of 5 million vehicles have been produced, with an output value of more than 400 billion yuan, and nearly 40 billion yuan in taxes. This is the transcript of FAW-Volkswagen Chengdu Branch's twelve years of rooting in Chengdu. Behind such excellent results, Jetta has contributed a lot to it, whether it was a car before or now it has become a brand.

Recently, FAW-Volkswagen Chengdu Branch ushered in the milestone moment when its 5 millionth new car rolled off the assembly line. Xiu Junyi, secretary of the party committee of the FAW-Volkswagen Chengdu branch and general manager of the Jetta brand and Chengdu branch, accepted interviews from a number of media including IIA, and explained the Jetta brand’s future model planning, new energy market planning, and how to The auto market continues to maintain competitiveness and other issues.

In 2020, facing the dual challenges of the severe epidemic and the market downturn, the Jetta brand has initially completed product layout, brand enhancement, and channel construction. It not only successfully achieved a breakthrough in adversity, but also refreshed the growth rate of a new brand. Data show that in 2020, the cumulative sales of the Jetta brand exceeded 155,000 units.

Xiu said that most of the users of the Jetta brand now have a complex with our brand, including the German complex, the Volkswagen complex, and the FAW-Volkswagen complex. Many of them are also Jetta fans. At the same time, they are still economical, they will give priority to cost-effective cars, the emergence of the Jetta brand is to meet the needs of these users.

This requires Jetta brand models to maintain a price advantage in fierce competition. In fact, the cost advantage lies in the advantage of the Jetta brand. As a sub-brand of Volkswagen, the Jetta brand can share FAW-Volkswagen’s technical resources, capacity resources, human resources and partner resources. These resources require years or even decades of accumulation for a new brand, but the Jetta brand stands on the shoulders of "giants" and can be owned "at zero cost".

At the same time, Xiu Junyi said that Jetta's car-making philosophy is simply to do its best to gain insight into the needs of users. In the use of functions, equipment and materials, it is necessary to meet the users in a targeted manner, and the configuration and functions that the user does not care about or do not need are removed to save money for the user. For example, all Jetta models do not have navigation functions, but support CarPlay and CarLife functions.

On the one hand, the prices of mainstream joint venture brand models continue to drop; on the other hand, strong independent brands continue to accelerate their efforts. In the environment of China’s auto market that has already entered the era of inventory competition, competition in the economic car market has become increasingly fierce. The pressure on the Jetta brand is increasing day by day.

However, Xiu showed more optimism in the interview. He said that in the current fiercely competitive market, any external brand is an impact on Jetta, but Jetta is also an impact on external brands. This highly competitive market has always competed with each other, and the key is how to deal with it.

He said that Jetta's response method is to use use as the center, satisfying users will be able to have a market, be able to impact others, and be able to withstand the impact of others. For example, in 2020, the Jetta brand relies on the support of the FAW-Volkswagen system and combines the characteristics of its own market to complete the initial network layout of the Jetta brand. At present, the number of Jetta dealers across the country has reached 300. In 2021, Jetta will realize digital services to people and customers by strengthening online and offline interactions, and to recognize customers more comprehensively and vividly.

In terms of new products, Xiu said that the 30th anniversary commemorative version of its products in the first half of this year will be officially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. The new car will be sportier and more youthful in terms of appearance and interior design, as well as technological configuration. There are also surprising upgrades, and the product strength will also be greatly improved, bringing users a more valuable experience.

At present, Jetta has launched three models, especially the Jetta VS7 and VS5, which are designed and manufactured using the EA211 1.4T turbocharged engine, Aisin 6AT gearbox and the German Volkswagen MQB platform. In the future, VA3 models built on the PQ25L platform will also be replaced by new cars built on the MQB platform.

At the same time, Jetta is also actively embracing change in the context of the trend toward intelligence, connectivity, electric and sharing. In terms of electrification, Xiu said that the Jetta brand is committed to the development of electrified models and will usher in plug-in hybrid or pure electric models in the future.

This is in line with the current electrification transformation trend of the Volkswagen brand. As early as 2017, FAW-Volkswagen announced its 2025 strategy forward-looking. In the field of "new four modernizations", actively promote the rapid development of NEVs, enter the field of mobile travel, achieve a 100% car networking pre-installation rate, and build system capabilities for sustainable development of the entire value chain.

Summary: China's auto market has experienced three consecutive years of negative growth. However, as the epidemic situation improves in the second half of 2020, the auto market has shown a growth trend. Entering 2021, with the steady recovery of the economic situation, automobile demand is expected to pick up faster. According to the passenger car retail market forecast by the Passenger Association at the beginning of the year, passenger car growth is expected to increase by 8% in 2021.

This means that the Chinese passenger car market is expected to usher in a positive year-round growth once again. At this time, Jetta upgraded from one model to one brand, and launched three models in a short period of time, with cumulative sales exceeding 250,000 units, indicating that the economic market segment covered by Jetta still has great potential. If Jetta can insist on focusing on users and continuously improve product capabilities and user satisfaction, I believe that sales can achieve further growth.

Editor:Yuan Honglei