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BJ Hyundai aims at “Another 10 M”, to reach 100K sales within 2yr

From:Internet Info Agency 2018-12-24 16:49:17

December 23, the Beijing Hyundai’s 10 millionth car delivered to the customer, and at the same time, Beijing Hyundai officially announced that the “ten million users” system has been formed. As one of the car companies that have been under tremendous pressure in the past two years, Beijing Hyundai has entered the “ten million club”. It is an important time node and a new starting point as well.

Xu Heyi, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of BAIC Group, said at the event: " 16 years ago, many fellows together realized the dream of a Beijinger's car, and many dreams were realized during this period. We spend 16 years to achieve the first 10 million vehicles, and I believe that the second one will be reached within 8 years. In addition, Beijing Hyundai told IIA its’ plan in the next stage: to release 8 new car models in 2019 while advancing the institutional system reform inside the company, to return to the “millions of annual sales club” in 2020, and to march into a glorious era in 2023.

Entering the "10 million club", SAIC Volkswagen used 30 years, FAW-Volkswagen 23 years, SAIC-GM 17 years, Dongfeng Nissan 15 years. Now Beijing Hyundai is the fifth club member. For Beijing Hyundai, which has suffered a Waterloo in sales volume in the past two years, “10 million users” means a lot to the company, especially for the next development, bringing confidence to them. Yin Mengyu, general manager of Beijing Hyundai said: "Beijing Hyundai will rely on Hyundai's global leading R&D capabilities to accelerate the introduction of cutting-edge technology in the fields of autonomous driving, intelligent connection and new energy, and return to the “millions of annual sales club” in 2020, creating 'the resurgence of sales”, and to march into a glorious era in 2023.

Obtaining 10 million users and its future prospects are inseparable from the completed product lineup. It is reported that Beijing Hyundai's new products in 2019 are upgrades of existing products including the new SantaFe, the new ix25, and the new Sonata. In addition, in the field of new energy, Beijing Hyundai has realized the mass production of the three new energy series of EV, HEV and PHEV. Next year, Beijing Hyundai will continue to launch two new energy models, the electric versions of Encino and La Festa, to provide more choices for users.

Beijing Hyundai will launch more than ten new intelligent connected models in the next two years. Intelligent connection will be the key development direction in Beijing Hyundai “10 Million plus” era. Beijing Hyundai will be more proactively to embrace the Internet and introduce the most advanced intelligent connection technology in the industry to create intelligent connected vehicles that understand consumers. Relying on the advantages of Hyundai, Beijing Hyundai will create more fashionable, smarter and greener travel tools and provide new experience in “10 Million+” era.

Editor:Bai Yunpeng