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GM is to release a new EV platform

From:Internet Info Agency 2020-03-03 16:29:48

It was previously reported that Cadillac will launch a purely electric mid-size crossover model in April. IIA recently received news from GM: On March 4th, GM will release a new electric platform BEV3 at the Warren Technology Center, and the future electric vehicle layout strategy of GM Group.

GM has accelerated the pace of transformation. North America, China, and South America are important markets, and the existing product layout will be further expanded. Matt Tsien, GM Executive Vice President and GM China President told the IIA in a recent communication: “Most of the new products on the BEV3 platform will be gradually launched in the Chinese market. There will also be many new Buick models. "

Matt Tsien, GM Executive Vice President and GM China President

Matt Tsien also revealed that this platform is built for new energy vehicles. Starting with SUV, there will be new products such as sedan in the future. He emphasized that due to adopting the latest battery chemistry technology, the products of the BEV3 platform will be optimized in the cruise range, and the new models will also perform better in terms of cost control.

According to the information currently available, the BEV3 platform will not only be used in Cadillac models, such as its first pure electric SUV expected to debut in April, but also the Hummer battery electric pickup that was recently unveiled. It can be seen that this will be a very flexible platform. It is conceivable that it will cover more electric vehicle products under GM in the future.

GM has also been actively promoting the popularization and popularization of electric vehicles in recent years. As the fastest-growing region for electric vehicles in China, GM is also developing in China. It is reported that in 2020, GM intends to launch 10 NEV models in China, and the total number of NEVs in China will double in 2023.

Editor:Wang Tianyi