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The 2nd batch of Xpeng G3 was officially shipped to Norway

From:Internet Info Agency 2021-02-05 16:51:57

IIA learned that after the first batch of 100 G3s were exported to Norway in 2020 and delivered, the second batch of 209 Xpeng G3s has recently been shipped to Norway from Guangzhou Xinsha Port. It is reported that Xpeng Motors prefers Norway not only because of its supportive policies on clean energy and advanced charging infrastructure, but also because of Norwegian consumers' high awareness of electric vehicles.

At the same time, the first batch of Norwegian G3 owners will also usher in the first functional upgrade, including a series of new features and performance optimization. Such as ACC and LCC in the active safety auxiliary system. At the same time, new map voice commands are added, and functions such as car control and navigation voice experience are optimized.

The Norwegian version of G3 uses an all-English user interface, while the all-English version of Little P-"Hi Xpeng" is also launched on a new car for the first time. In addition, the car navigation system uses popular local maps, and Norwegian car owners can remotely operate the car control function through the mobile phone APP.

It is understood that Xpeng G3 boasts a NEDC cruising range of 520 kilometers and a battery pack capacity of 66.5kWh. At the same time, these new cars are also equipped with CHAdeMO DC fast charging ports and AC Type 2 charging ports.

Editor:Zhang Jingkai